You get a continuous flow of high-quality UGC that’s tied to your products and services, tagged with contextually-relevant data.

See how there's more to the story with Rivet.

    • Collect High Resolution Media
    • Lengthy Narrative Text
    • Tagged with Product & Transaction IDs
    • Tagged by Filterable Attributes
    • Segment Displays by IDs
    • Tied to Transactions
    • Ratings & Sliders
    • Single & Multiple Choice Responses
    • Demographic Data
    • Facebook & Google+ Login
    • Instagram & Twitter IDs
    • Marketing Opt-Ins
    User Social IDs & Marketing Opt-Ins
    Hi-Resolution Photo, Hi-Definition Video & Audio
    Rich Story Narrative Text
    Profile Attributes, Location & Preference Data
    Product, Service & Metadata Tags
    Conversion Impact Tracking

What are your objectives?

Increase Conversion & Average Order Volume

Rivet places customer stories and experiences directly in the purchase path.

Brands see causal conversion rate lifts up to 121% (the average is 65%), and up to an 88% causal lift in AOV.

Rivet Conversion Tracking Example

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